Peer Mentor Writing Service at Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing

Aim: To improve the way nursing students approach scholarly and creative writing

The nursing peer writing mentoring service is open to all HBSON students. Students can e-mail their written work and requests 24/7 and receive a mentor’s response within 72 hours. Students can also meet with mentors in-person by appointment.

• Socratic questioning to encourage critical thinking
• External resources for students to use to improve their skills
• Turnitin to provide counseling on proper citation and plagiarism prevention
• No direct edits/changes to students’ papers
• 72 hour turnaround time
• Online and/or in-person sessions
• Multiple drafts encouraged
• All types of assignments accepted

Common Areas of Focus:
• Grammar
• APA format
• Paper organization / outlining
• Thesis formation